21 November 2012


Title: Spring
Date: 20-11-2012
Author: Leo

Come! Come!
The animals from the burrows need to come out.
Come out! Come out!
Big and small flowers want to be the winner of the beauty contest.
Come on! Come on!
The trees are putting on green and new outfits.
Come too! Come too!
Rain, sun and rainbows are decorating a place.
Come join! Come join!
Everyone come to the spring party!!!

A bad habit

Title: A bad habit
Date: 13-11-2012
Author: Leo

Once upon a time, there was a pig. He was called Little Pig. He always spat things into people’s rice. His classmates didn’t like him because he was very dirty and this bad habit made him stop having friends. He was very lonely and he didn’t know why. One month passed by. He asked his mother, “Why do I have no friends?” Mama said “When you were eating what did you do?” Little Pig answered, “I spat, I won’t do it again.” Finally, he got rid of the bad habit. He has a lot of friends now.

08 November 2012

A valuable book

Date: 8-11-2011
Author: Leo

A valuable book

What book is valuable? Before it was made of leather. Now we use paper. It is big and heavy. Adults and Children like to read this book. There are different kinds of languages. In the book, there are a lot of things that happened before. It is about God and you can read it again and again. It never makes you feel bored.

It is my favourite book : the Bible.